Friday, March 27, 2020

How I Lost Weight as a Team Truck Driver-More Detailed

Here's what I was eating in the beginning when I was losing weight so fast that when I got out of the truck my pants were falling down.

We have a refrigerator with freezer so we stock up on Beyond Meat's Beyond Burgers. Easy-to-cook plant-based patties. Cook them in the microwave for a couple of minutes depending on the power level of your microwave.  This one is 700 watts so it works fine with our 1500 watt inverter.  Along with Whole Wheat buns. Getting the picture? Whole Foods? Whole grain, etc. I keep all the basics for burgers; ketchup, mustard, pickles, sometimes tomato's.

Along with the burger, which I'd have about 3 times a week, my wife would make mustard potato salad to keep in the fridge. Yep, potato's are carbs, but they're GOOD carbs, trust me. Do the research from the resources listed on Page 1 and you'll agree! This is made with Veganaise instead of mayonaise, available at most grocery stores now.

Along with this I'd have Bush's Vegetarian Beans that come in convenient 8.3 oz cans with pull tops. I actually only eat half of a can at a time.

Later in the day when I feel a little hunger coming on I'll have a handful of raw, mixed nuts. Nuts also help control blood sugar levels. Then later on is when I'll have a banana and or an apple or some other kind of fruit.

For the next meal I'd just have something small. Maybe a sandwich that I put together in the truck. Whole wheat bread and a No-Tuna sandwich. For now you can probably Google it and maybe later I'll put the recipe for it. It's made with chickpeas. Doesn't taste exactly like tuna but it's something that you can put on bread and eat that's good for you! And, it's not bad.

The other days of the week for the main meal, instead of the burger, I'd get a Subway Veggie Delight sandwich. Wheat bread, all the veggies that I want and I'd top it with balsamic vinegar. That enhances the nitric oxide effect that consuming the veggies gives you. Great for the cardio vascular system. Stay away from the salad dressing!

Some of the other days we'd stop at various restaurants. It's pretty easy to eat decently at Mexican restaurants. You don't always know if they're using animal products in the rice or refried beans. You can ask and avoid them if you want but as I mentioned previously, we do the best we can when we're on the road. When we're at home, we know the places that use chicken broth in the rice and avoid them, On the road is a different story. Make the changes that you can, and you'll see big changes. Instead of meat, substitute beans. No meat taco salads are very filling. Lettuce, tomato's, black beans, sometimes refried beans, sometimes rice thrown in, guacamole. Chips and salsa on the side. Totally filling. You can also get Veggie fajitas, Bean tacos, Veggie Chimichanga's at some restaurants. You'll be surprised at how easy it is and how filling it is. You just have to get used to making changes in things when you order. They're used to it so don't worry about it.

Also, Chinese restaurants have lots of veggies and usually have plain steamed rice. Normally I try to avoid eggs also (animal protein loaded with cholesterol) but I will usually eat the stir fried rice that's on most Chinese buffets when on the road.

Next you have American buffet's. Salad, and lots of cooked veggies! I can eat way too much at these places but for the most part, better for you than what you'd normally eat. That brings up another point. All you do is sit and drive and sleep. You don't need to eat a lot as you don't do a lot. Stop thinking that you have to stuff something in your face everytime you feel a little hunger coming on. I've figured out that sometimes when I think I'm feeling hunger, it's just food digesting from my meal. Let it go and the feeling soon goes away.

So that's how we lost a bunch of weight. I went from 197 and stay around 160 now. I recently updated my life insurance and was approved for not the "Plus" plan but the "A Plus" plan. All of my markers were excellent and I come from a background of high blood pressure, questionable cholesterol, and borderline prediabetes.


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